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A rescue dog was so happy to be saved from its cruel owner that it injured its tail by wagging too hard.

Ten-year-old Bull Mastiff Benny was recorded being abused by a neighbour who went on to report the sad case to the RSPCA.

He was rescued from torment after inspectors took him out of the property in Wirral, Liverpool and found him in a new home.

But he became so excited to meet his new owners he began frantically wagging his tail – leading to an injury that meant it needed to be amputated.

His new family Luisa Estrada and Sophie Eleanor from Manchester say they “instantly fell in love him”.

RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “Benny was seized by police from a house in the Wirral after a neighbour captured video of him being tormented by his owner and reported it to the RSPCA.

“The man was using intimidation and abuse… the dog would have been in his kennel shaking and fretting through pure fear.”

Benny was treated by vets then later rehomed by Luis and Sophie.

Ms Eleanor said: “Benny has settled in brilliantly now and is a very happy dog. In fact, he may be too happy! Vets had to amputate his tail recently because he injured it by wagging so much!

“They’d (the RSPCA) written that he ‘needed a hand to hold’ and it was so endearing… we went to visit and fell in love with him.

“He was quite nervous when he first came here. He was anxious and wary; he didn’t know if he could trust us or not, but with time and patience he’s more settled.

“It’s been really rewarding to see him become so happy.”

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Tail docking is now considered to be a mutilation under UK law however there are some exemptions.

Removal of the tail by a vet for medical reasons or for certain breeds of working dogs is still permissible.

Benny will feature on an episode of The Dog Rescuers set to air on Channel 5 on Tuesday June 22 at 7pm.