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Nate Ebner out of Olympic rugby after surgery, plans to play in 2021 NFL season

Nate Ebner will not be an Olympian this year, but does plan to be an NFL player. Ebner, who was on the U.S. Olympic rugby team in 2016 and had

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Perhaps there is a fledgling naturalist inside our urban son

My son hadn’t seen my father for a long time, and touched us all by running full pelt across the front garden shouting, ‘Granda!’ as soon as we arrived. This

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U.S. regulator delays VanEck ETF bid, seeks views on potential for manipulation

U.S. regulators on Wednesday again delayed a decision on whether to approve an application for what would be the country’s first bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF), filing a request for

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Zoom is adding new options for sharing your pronouns

Zoom is adding a new field for pronouns today, along with options to manage when they’re displayed. Pronouns will appear in parentheses next to people’s names in calls, essentially the

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One-bedroom flat goes on sale listing a ‘lunatic neighbour’ as a key feature

A one-bedroom flat has been put up for sale with the owner advertising the unusual feature of a “lunatic neighbour”. The advert for the upmarket property in Crawshawbooth, Burnley, is

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